Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shiseido Moisturizing and Anti-Aging?

Hey, does anyone use shiseido products for moisturizing and anti-aging? What products are good for normal skin? I am 30 years old, light with olive undertones if that means anything. I like their foundations, but wanted some advice on their other products, as they are pretty expensive and i'd rather not waste money if they arent good.

* if shiseido is not good for moisturizing/anti-aging, what line is?Shiseido Moisturizing and Anti-Aging?
Go to makeupalley.com, register, and you can view all reviews on their products, and other products as well. I have looked at shiseido products, but some of the anti-aging ingredients didn't impress me too much, especially for the astronomical price. You know what you might look into--Peter Thomas Roth products. There is a serum, I can't remember what it is called, but was highly rated and has lots of awesome anti-aging ingredients in it. I am going to try it next, and it is a hell of a lot cheaper than Shiseido.Shiseido Moisturizing and Anti-Aging?
You can get Shisedo products from a company called Strawberrynet.com - they deliver worldwide (I'm in New Zealand) and it's freight free, they are also resonably priced and cheaper than buying in a chemist or deparment store. It's all genuine as I have brought all sorts of brands from them. I'm currently using there Benefiance range - and have found it to be quite good. The moisuriser has a SPF 15 and the cleanser goes a long way. Maybe check out there website and see if they have a skin test you can do to work out what Shisedo products would be good for you.

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