Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Clinque Anti-Blemish or Shiseido Pureness?

I'm 14

I have normal/oily skin, I breakout around my T-zone and I've got some scars.

Has anyone used ever used these products and seen a difference?

It would be really helpful to provide some details

Thanks in advance ^^Clinque Anti-Blemish or Shiseido Pureness?
Clinique Anti-Blemish seriously hurt my skin. I'm full on oily skin (yet normal in winter) and I breakout all over my face; usually my forehead then my hairline.

My skin isn't sensitive at all- then i used CAB and ouch!

My skin felt it was being burnt off my face; i developed a rash all over my face and my face stayed red until 2 days later.

It ripped all the oil out of my skin- so my skin went nuts trying to replace it. And it made me break out more.

And I wasn't even allergic or sensitive to any ingredi.nts. =(

That was using the facial wash and the astringent and the moisturiser. I think it was the astringent for me because my stepmother uses it (she's 44 and I'm nearly 17) and her skin is PERFECT,Clinque Anti-Blemish or Shiseido Pureness?
shiseido pureness was great for me, but ideally, you may want to use proactiv, even if you don't have a serious problem, it is amazing
Shseido is a better brand.

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