Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What do you think about Shiseido skincare?

I'm currently using BodyShop's aloe day cream and it's not really working for me. Now I'm thinking of switching to the Shiseido range.

My cheeks are not hydrated enough. My nose and chin are slightly oily.

Help!!!What do you think about Shiseido skincare?
I always thought of Shiseido as a line older women who needed more intense skincare used. Since your skin is oily in some areas and dry in others I'd say your best bet is to buy products for ';combination'; skin. If you go to any cosmetics counter at a department store like Nordstroms, the ladies there can usually recommend something.What do you think about Shiseido skincare?
I tried it and didn't get results until I learned about Arbonne now I use the Intelligence and Anti Aging systems and my skin never looked better, I can provide you info for free samples.
hmmm... you know why your face is oily? do u want to get less oily skin? only 1 way to do it... do not eat oily foods. Your face will be less oily 100 percent!!!..... and btw i use clinique for oily skin... when i first use it i can see the difference.... my skin is not oily and it is good for sensitive skin (my face was red all the time but when i use it... man.... the redness is gone...) but remember the best medicine is from inside.... and you can do it naturally. AVOID OILY FOOD. like acne if you have acne... u eat rightfood, clean your face, excercise,etc you wont get as much acne. sometimes acne still come because of hormone when girl is having period, stress,etc. DO EVERYTHING NATURALLY but if you think u r still not satisfied dont give up... keep doing what u r doing and just seek something extra that will work for your skin. I am asian too.... btw

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