Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Does Shiseido The Makeup Concealer Stick work well?

Can it cover dark circles, blemishes, not clog pores, AND last all day??Does Shiseido The Makeup Concealer Stick work well?
I use Sheiseido makeup and I can say that The Makeup concealer literally disappears into skin and has a super-fine consistency. It's thin enough not to cause a serious oil slick on your face but thick enough that it covers well and feels smooth on your skin. Very natural-looking. If your dark circles are more like shadows, then you will need to use a concealer followed by foundation primer then foundation.

I would say their concealer is comparable to Lanc么me's Effacernes or MAC's Studio Fix.

Shiseido is known for having an excellent skincare line, really great mascara base, outstanding eyelash curler, and a really fantastic new line of lipsticks designed by their makeup artist Dick Page. Their sunscreen is to die for.

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