Saturday, December 5, 2009

Allergic to Biotherm and Shiseido, need help?

I don't wear make up most of time, but I do need in some occassions (about once a month). I generally used the cheaper one where I could get in Target such as L'real and Neutrogena.

However, recently I wanted to go more high quaility and tried Shiseido and Biotherm. I guess these are the 2 bigger brands for younger people and cheaper, too.

I found I am allergic to both brands. I could use nothing in Shiseido except the sunblock. I just tried the Biotherm Matte Souffle Powdery Mattifying Mousse Foundation and it was a nightmare. Redded face and itchy!

I am pretty pissed off, so is there any recommendation which brand I should try? Is there any ingredient that these 2 have in common? I cannot waste any more money on this. Please help. Thanks.Allergic to Biotherm and Shiseido, need help?
I've always used Neutrogena for the same reasons! The more expensive stuff is not worth the allergy!

I recently got a ';mini make over'; from a Mary Kay rep, and the foundation did not cause any red or itching, but it did feel a little heavy, so I don't know if you would like it.

Good Luck!

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